We specialize in the art and science of marketing. We’re passionate about helping companies like yours create powerful marketing strategies that meet your goals and objectives. Whether you need to boost sales, target and convert new prospects, or build brand awareness, we’ll work with you to build a customized plan that produces measurable and compelling results.

Marketing Strategy


Current Marketing Analysis

We will audit and analyze your company’s current marketing activities and data to determine how and where your current plan works, and we’ll help you identify untapped opportunities.

Target Audience

We can offer a fresh perspective on your target audience, suggest refinement, and recommend untapped markets. We’ll help you implement new techniques to target potential customers.

Marketing Strategy & Plan

Let us help you develop an overarching marketing strategy and tactical plan to achieve your goals.

Innovative Marketing Tactics

We are experts at employing exciting new marketing techniques that target your prospects and ultimately convert them into clients.

Data Assessment

Whether it’s a one-time assessment of your post marketing campaign or ongoing support, we will interpret the data for future success.

A Message from the CEO

Patrica Norins

CEO, Marketing Lemonade

“When we think about the ideal pop-up strategy, I like to think back to my first childhood business, the classic lemonade stand. It’s the perfect analogy. To ensure retail success, you must have a great product, a superb location, the right price, an effective marketing plan and a merchandising strategy that creates a phenomenal customer experience.”