Pop-Up Retail

One of our specialties is supporting brands or specialty retailers, specifically in the launch and operations of pop-up retail locations. We can handle the entire process, from site selection to staffing to logistics, or we can work with you on smaller pieces of the pie.

How We Can Help

Our seasoned team of pop-up experts bring more than 50 years of experience to each project. Whether you are new to specialty retail, or are interested in outsourcing your pop-up stores, we will create the perfect solution to maximize your sales and return on investment. Our proprietary approach is proven and delivers powerful results!



Our creative marketing solution provides formidable results that drives traffic and sales for each pop-up event. We execute a multi-prong approach that includes the perfect mix of social media, PR, traditional advertising and local grass roots marketing.


Our knowledgeable team of retail experts will handle all aspects of pop-up store operations for your event. We provide a top-notch staffing solution, beautiful store graphics, a stunning merchandising strategy, help selecting the right mix and amount of inventory and a point of sale solution so you will have access to store sales in real time.


We plan and coordinate all aspects of the pop-up event from coordinating with your internal freight and logistics team for inventory shipment, to keeping the project on schedule and on budget to location site selection and lease negotiation.

Project Management

We use a project management software platform that enables clear communication about the status of all aspects of your project, including project goals and critical deadlines. Whether we’re running your entire pop-up project or a portion of it, you will always know where your project stands.


Whether you are seeking for branding, or would like to hit a sales or profitability target, our proprietary approach is proven and delivers powerful results!

A Message from the CEO

Patrica Norins

CEO, Marketing Lemonade

“When we think about the ideal pop-up strategy, I like to think back to my first childhood business, the classic lemonade stand. It’s the perfect analogy. To ensure retail success, you must have a great product, a superb location, the right price, an effective marketing plan and a merchandising strategy that creates a phenomenal customer experience.”