Branding is the foundation of every successful marketing plan. Let us help you define and effectively communicate your organization’s identity. We’ll start by identifying your core values, personality, value proposition, and mission. These branding guidelines will help us take the next step to creating a logo and tagline.



Branding Strategy

First things first. We’ll guide your team through a series of brainstorming sessions to get to the essence of your corporate identify – where your company is focused, your team’s inspirations and motivations, and goals both big and small.

Logo and Collateral Design

Your logo and marketing collateral represents your brand, so it’s imperative that the design aligns with the message. Let our experienced and innovative creative team bring your logo and marketing materials to life.

Branding Guidelines

Consistency is key. We will develop your organization’s branding guidelines to ensure the uniform use of your logo, voice, tone, and overall design.

A Message from the CEO

Patrica Norins

CEO, Marketing Lemonade

“When we think about the ideal pop-up strategy, I like to think back to my first childhood business, the classic lemonade stand. It’s the perfect analogy. To ensure retail success, you must have a great product, a superb location, the right price, an effective marketing plan and a merchandising strategy that creates a phenomenal customer experience.”